China Plastic Chair Mould suppliers

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China Plastic Chair Mould suppliers

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Product Description
plastic chair with armless mould
Cavity: 1 or2 cavities
Mould base material: 45#or 50#
Mould Material: P20/718/2738
Runner: Hot/Cold
Design software: UG;PROE;CAD
Delivery time: 50-75days
Plastic material: PP
Mould life: P20(300000shots);2738/718(1000000shots)
Mould size: Designed base on your product size
Mould weight: Designed base on your product size
Production machine: 300 T injection machine
Packing & Delivery
1.Check mould component
2.Cleaning mould cavity/core and spread slushing oil on the mould
3.Cleaning mould surface and spread slushing oil on the mould surface
4.Put into the wooden case
5. Transport by container

Q: Are you trading company or manufacturer ?
A: We are factory.
Q: what type mould you can make?
A:We can make all kinds of plastic injection mould.
Q: Do you ever make injection mold and SMC/BMC molds?
A:Yes. We have provided such kind of service to some of our customers and gain more experience in this field.
Q: How to send sample?
A:The quotation we offer to you including the cost of sample delivery 1-2 times. We send sample by DHL, UPS, EMS ,FEDEX or TNT.
Q: How to make sure the quality before the shipment?
A:Firstly, we should sign a contract before mold making. Our transaction was protect by law and Alibaba platform. Secondly, we will send you a video of the process every week, you could see it clearly.
Q: How long it will take to complete the molding?
A:Usually it will take about 35 days from mould design to trial samples. And it also depends on the mould's size and complexity.
Q: How to pack and ship mold?
A:When the mold have been completed, we will paint grease on the surface, pack the mold with plastic pellicle, and put it into a disinfected wooden box. Attached Accessories: 1. Related electrode; 2.Ring bolts, 3.Mold locking sets and other necessary accessories.
Q: Do you sign non-disclose agreement?
A:Yes. We understand the sensitive nature of your design. It is our policy to comply with requests for non-disclosure agreements. If we don't get your kindly approval, we would not disclose any information regarding your product or you company to the third party and any copy would be prohibited.
Company Profile:
Taizhou Xinwei Plastic Mould Co., Ltd. was established in Huangyan District, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province with convenient transportation. As an emerging Huangyan Mould Company, it specializes in the production of plastic molds. Taizhou Mould Factory has a long experience in mold manufacturing and stands out among many Zhejiang mold companies. The company has a group of professional technicians, and has accumulated many years of experience in mold manufacturing, combined with high-precision CNC machine tools, can provide customers with product development to mold manufacturing, injection molding, processing and other services. The company has won unanimous praise from customers and the industry. "Survive by quality, develop by efficiency" is the business purpose we have been following. The quality of each product is pursued by mechanical molds, focusing on the details and demanding. "Pursuing excellence and keeping improving" is the common struggle of all staff of the company. aims!
Product advantages of plastic furniture
Compared with other furniture, plastic furniture has the following advantages: Colorful and smooth lines, plastic furniture, bright and colorful, in addition to the common white, red orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, ... all kinds of colors, and There are also transparent furniture, and its vivid visual effects give people a visual comfort. At the same time, since the plastic furniture is formed by the mold, it has the remarkable characteristics of smooth lines. Every round corner, every arc, every grid and interface is naturally smooth and without manual traces. The shape is diverse and casual. The plastic has the characteristics of easy processing, so the shape of this kind of furniture has more randomness. The casual shape expresses the designer's highly personalized design ideas, and reflects a random beauty through the style that is difficult to achieve with ordinary furniture. Lightweight and compact. Compared with ordinary furniture, plastic furniture gives people a feeling of lightness. You don't need to spend a lot of effort, you can easily carry it, and even if it is plastic furniture with metal bracket inside, The stent is also generally hollow or has a small diameter. In addition, many plastic furniture have the function of folding, so it saves space and is convenient to use. Wide variety of applications Wide range of plastic furniture is suitable for both public and general households. In public places, you see the most variety of chairs, but the variety for the family is countless: dining tables, dining chairs, lockers, hangers, shoe racks, flower stands. Easy to clean and easy to protect Plastic furniture is dirty and can be washed directly with water, which is simple and convenient. In addition, plastic furniture is also relatively easy to protect, and the requirements for indoor temperature and humidity are relatively low, and are widely applicable to various environments.China Plastic Chair Mould suppliers


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