China TBM Cutters For Soft Ground

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China TBM Cutters For Soft Ground

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We can make the products according to your drawings or samples. They are widely used in foundation drilling, rotary drilling, trenching, tunneling, mining, etc. Our products are in high quality, reasonable price and long service time.
They have been exported to Australia,Brazil,Canada,Japan,USA,Middle East, etc
We can design and produce different bits according to different hardness of rock to satisfy customer’s different requirements,meanwhile we also can help ourcustomers to design, produce and repair all kinds of cutter drums.
Rotary drilling rig is a kind of construction machinery suitable for drilling in the foundation engineering of building. Mainly suitable for sand, clay, silty soil and other soil layer construction, in the pouring pile, continuous wall, foundation reinforcement and other foundation construction, it has been widely used, rotary drilling rig rated power is generally 125~450kw, the power output torque of 120~400kn m, The largest hole diameter up to 1.5~4m, the largest hole depth of 60~90m, can meet the requirements of various types of large-scale foundation construction.
For all kinds of cutting tools, our company studies and selects scientific and reasonable materials, reasonable structure design and advanced heat treatment process. Advanced welding equipment is used to weld the tool body and alloy, and advanced silver brazing technology is used for high quality welding. Welding strength greater than 250MPA ensures a perfect fit between the high strength matrix and the alloy, and more effectively ensures the impact toughness, tensile and compressive strength during tool operation. Therefore, the applicable geological conditions are very extensive.
All kinds of hob parts produced by our company are made of domestic high-quality low alloy carbon steel and have good comprehensive mechanical properties by adopting reasonable heat treatment process.
Installed in the center of the Cutterhead, it is used to excavate the rock-soils in the center of the excavated face, meanwhile, it played a role in aligning the Cutterhead center. It consists of overall structure and split type which can be exchanged with Center Disc Cutter.China TBM Cutters For Soft Ground


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